Why Only 5% of People make over $100k P.A

Written by Roy McDonald

Live Interview With Roy & Katrina On Why Only 5% of People Make Over $100k P.A.

Ian: So, another thing that I just wanted to cover off on and that is, I was looking through some research the other day and there was a stat that absolutely shocked me. That was that only 5% of people in New Zealand, and this was the New Zealand Herald saying this, only 5% of people make more than a $100,000. And that really surprised me guys. So, I’m wondering if you have any thoughts on that? Why would it be that it seems to be the cap? 95% of people are earning less that $100K. It’s not such a big milestone to crack. So why do you think that happens?

Live Interview With Roy & Katrina On Why Only 5% of People Make Over $100k P.A.

Roy: Well, I think there’s a number of reasons but I just want to clarify something just for us is that, we have a beautiful life together but we don’t always go through everything without some discussion. And I don’t want anyone to have some kind of mythical view that, “Aw, these guys just walk on water and don’t have their moments.” We have our moments but, you know, it’s like when people say “Aw just if I have all this money, I’ll have no problems.” You have more problems when you have more money because you’ve more things to work to concern yourself.

But, hopefully, with some personal growth and some real commitment to each other, you get better at dealing with this. You get better at dealing with your problems and if you’re not getting stuff happening to you about every 90 days, then you’re not on the planet. There’s always going to be some event that’s going to happen. Ian, you can think of your own life. All of the things that happened with your kids, the horses, the property, the business, you know, clients, whatever it is. There’s something every 90 days.

And I’ve watched your mastery in this as well. And that’s why you’re at the top of your game in what you do. To come back to your question in relation to the 5%, yeah, I think the bottom quick answer is the limiting beliefs that we have and our unworthiness about the small game that we play. Most people play a very small game and it’s safe to play this game and when you’ve been brought up in an environment of swapping your life for money on an hourly basis, you’re immediately held hostage to a very, very limiting view.


And our teachings are all about five income streams, adding two incomes the first year, one each year from then on and not have the limitation of the earnings. So, I think the limiting belief is about the earnings. I can only earn this if I work for it, swap my life on an hourly basis, which is true. In fact, there are a lot of people earning a lot, lot less than $100,000. There are people earning and struggling with $30 and $40 and $50,000 and of course there’s people on Centrelink and one of the challenges that they’ve got is that the job market is changing dramatically and the kids coming through are going to get a very different situation on that.

So not only do you have to have a different mindset but you have to have a completely different strategy in working. And at OneLife what we taught when we went to New Zealand, for instance on the 27th of July 2019 is to be able to look at different ways of building income that aren’t limited to your job and that you get over that, “I’m not good enough.” And you get over this issue that I have to be a computer whiz or something. Really what you’ve got to be is a leader. You’ve got to be clear about your outcome. You’ve got to say, “This is what I want.” And then you got to get a team around you, which will leverage yourself.

But I’d be curious darling, what’s your view on that?

Multiple income

Katrina: Well, I think what you said is absolutely true because it is about the conditioning of getting a job and you look around and see what people are earning and it’s often people who just settle for what is the current status quo, you know, that people are going with. And I think and what Roy teaches a lot is really about five income streams because, you know, you put all your energy into one strategy like a job and then eventually that will end. So, it’s like looking at how can you have multiple income streams? Still doing your job while you’re getting those other things off the ground but be able to be NOT challenged in the case of different industries closing down or things changing form.

Ian: Okay

Roy: Yeah

Ian: Makes a lot of sense.

Roy: And money never comes to chaos, Ian, you know that. It’s got nowhere to go. You know, when there’s chaos and particularly there isn’t alignment, I know we’re getting a bit woowoo here, you know, the law of attraction. But when you’re all over the show, it’s very hard. And Katrina was talking to a couple this morning and she just added such value to this conversation and she spoke on being present and she spoke on what’s now. And these guys are looking from a whole new perspective. And these guys are from Los Angeles. They’re selling a business, they’re selling their property, they’re in a wealthy position and they got taxes to pay and stuff.

People make over $100k P.A

And they’re making some decisions about what to do next and they’re very aligned. They’ve spent this whole week on their relationship, working on their relationship and they’re very caring and love each other, beautiful couple. And when Katrina was talking about, you know, just stay in the moment. You know, it’s often called the campfire. Being around the campfire, be in that space because grace will speak to you. And that’s what we’re going to be doing in this next couple days. And when you get that, looking at what is best, how do we serve this best, what is the best thing for us? And I think that’s really a fundamental issue and a lot of people, “Let’s watch Netflix instead of doing that.” Or “Let’s go and, you know, to the pub!”. Work on your relationship, work on your business, work on your intention. Work on that. To me, that’s just so, so good.

Katrina: And really what Roy is talking about is tuning in to your inspiration. Because sometimes we’re just so busy and just go, go, go, go, just attending to the needs of the moment, you know, families, children, businesses, and we don’t take the time just to have that quiet time to reflect what’s going on in our businesses. What’s going on in our family life? And it’s like how do we bring everything back to just taking the time to get clear? It’s from that clarity then you can get a sense of what needs to be actioned next.

Whereas, when we’re in the chaos of all this stuff and sometimes it’s just simple just to take time just to map it out, just to write it all down. What are all the projects that you’ve got on? What are the elements to project? Then in that still quiet moment tuning in to what has to happen now? This moment? And then taking that action and then what’s next? And then taking that action and it’s amazing how effective you can become if you’re doing the right things in the right moment.

Ian: Yeah. In fact, one of the things that I want to cover off and we mentioned about, you know, 95% of people not making $100K a year but even the 5% that are making over $100K a year, I mean, you and I both know people that earn incredible incomes, you know, doctors, lawyers, et cetera. They’re making $200, $300K, lots of money and yet they go to all of these fancy doo-dads, they got the best house and the best place, et cetera, et cetera. But their credit cards are cranked up to $100K and they really still don’t have a financial fortress even thought they’re earning all this money. I’d love you just to speak to that if you could.

Roy: Absolutely. And, again, that’s a lot to do with, you know, what’s valuable to you? What’s your fulfillment? And look at your addictions and everyone has them. Some are mild and some are much more severe. And it’s all part of the ego that gets in the way. But if we really get down to some very basic steps, the most important single thing is a five-step process that’s mentioned in the intro of our financial fortress. That the number one thing, is income. Income gives us the choices. Income is everything. Income is cash flow. You can last a certain period of time without food. You can last a certain period without water but you can’t last too much time without air. And you certainly can not last, maybe just seconds when it comes to without blood. And cash flow is blood supply. Cash flow is air, without that you’re kind of out of the game.

So, most people only know one way and that’s their job. So, that’s the biggest thing we’ve been speaking about which is the five income streams and getting aligned with that five to build those,. Not in a hurry, but very carefully. Second thing you’ve really got to get onto is your expenses and your debt. I’d like to share a story if we could, darling. I don’t know how long ago it was… It was 2007, that’s right! Before the crash happened and we were having some challenges with some property we couldn’t sell. And we got together on just this whole thing about what we’re going to do now.

We got together and what was it darling? I think it was in about three, four weeks a month, we’d sold ten million dollars worth of property that we accrued.

Katrina: Yeah, three weeks.

Roy: Three weeks, which we couldn’t and that was just prior to the crash of the 2007. If we tried to sell them at like six months later, we’d probably got half the money. We probably wouldn’t be able to sell them. Now, you know, you could say “gee, that was lucky”. Well, that was grace!

That was alignment.

Katrina: It was really us taking the time to work on our emotional blocks because we just had to say, “Well, why aren’t these properties selling?” There’s something going on. It’s not just the market. There’s something going on with us. And we were able to just clear out what was going on and then just get back in that flow and then within three weeks, yeah, as Roy said, almost ten million worth of real estate gone.

Ian: And isn’t it so true, like, when you are ready, when you really are open to making that decision to change the situation you’re in, the universe, and anyone that knows me, knows I am the furtherest thing away from woowoo you can imagine.

But the universe somehow, someway that door opens, that person appears, that opportunity turns up and says, “Here you go, dude. Okay, now you wanted it. Now you’re ready for it.” You know? It’s that grace. It really is. Yes.

Why Only 5% of People make over $100k P.A
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Katrina: And it’s really about personal responsibility though, Ian. Because sometimes people think it’s all out there but until you take personal responsibility for what your results are and what’s showing up in your life and make a decision to change it, that’s where it starts. So, you know, sometimes people can get a little bit ungrounded because they’re thinking, “Oh, well, you know, I’m going to get the universe to sort all my problems.” And it’s not about putting the responsibility outside of yourself. It’s about taking personal responsibility for how you’re showing up in life and in the world, and then creating that space for that co-partnership, that co-creation with the Divine or the universe or whatever you want to call that.

Roy: And I just want to talk on that for a moment that the universe can’t speak to you yet it does and it does through your body. Your body will talk to you if you listen to it and your health is, like, one of the greatest barometers to say, “Where am I?” “What’s going on?” And it will show up so quickly in your fatigue, you’re overwhelmed and all that. And a lot of this is going to say, “Oh, I can’t do this because I’m overwhelmed.” That’s the very reason you have too. That is the reason you got to stop this.

Katrina: Or, “I haven’t got time.”

Roy: Yeah, that’s the reason you got to get time, that’s all you have in life is time. So, coming back, we’ve got income, we’ve got expenses and debt, and the third one is where our real role here is to build assets that create income. This is a real magic formula, which we teach in our programs and once you get this it’s like a cookie cutter. Once you understand how to make a cake, it’s a recipe, you know, it’s like, “Ah hah, got it. Wow, gee I wish I had that explained to me when I was 14 in school. I wish someone explained that to me”. But of course my mother and father they’re multi-millionaires, they’ve explained all this to us. So, it’s been pretty cool but what we really got to go back is actually learn for ourselves.