What’s Your Plan to Stay off the Pension?

Written by Roy McDonald

Hi, Roy here, I’d like to talk to you about your plan. I’d like to talk to you about your strategy for not being on the pension. I’d like to know what you’re going to do? I know that’s like in your face kind of question, but I’m serious about it.


Happy about the last five years don’t change a thing, next five years must be identical. And so many people get caught in this trap of just doing the same thing again and again, and again expecting a different result. And we know the story about that, that insane story called, doing the same thing again and again, and you’ve heard it before.

I have real strategies here that would change that. I have real processes that do that. And it’s not like I’m so clever, I’m an ordinary person. However, I use strategies that make me extraordinary. Given I have trouble spelling, and reading, and a whole lot of things at school. I left school without the ability to read or write, technically. And I had to teach myself to read, had to teach myself to write, and I’m still a very poor speller. However, I use a lot of systems that help me be what I need to be, and I’ve built a substantial portfolio of property and business, and shares in different corporations, accountancy practice. A whole range of things that personally I should not have. So I’m going to suggest to you that the reason that happened,

it started with an intention and attention.

It started with some goals that I wanted. I wanted freedom in my life, and it started with a very, very simple process. Not that it’s easy and there’s no guarantees in anything, and I see this constantly, but if you’ve got an intention to live your life differently then you need to get out of your own way and start participating in your own rescue.

So there are people who sit on the fence and said, oh that won’t work, and dah, dah, dah. I’ve had people come to my program, Ignite Your Success, and spend an afternoon with me, and they go home to their work mate the next day, or whatever and they say, you went to the seminar? Yeah, yeah it’s really good. You a millionaire yet? The person says, well only was there yesterday. I’ve just started. But these are negative forces that are around you and some people live with negative forces, which doesn’t help either.

I’m not wanting to be critical and judge anyone, but what we need is alignment, alignment’s very important and your environment is more powerful that your will. So if you’re in an environment that’s negative this is very tough for you guys, and I feel for you. So our strategies are very much about getting an environment that’s good, but more importantly letting you know, you can work through that to some degree, but you create your own. Get very clear about your outcome, your outcome is everything. What do you really want?

That’s scary for a lot of people, because people have given up on that one. And I’m going to suggest that only you can do this with help, with some mentoring, with some, to start again, it’s a fresh beginning, it’s every day a new life. You can’t do anything about yesterday, you can’t even do anything about last year. You can’t do anything about 10 years ago, yet people still live through this. Today’s the first day of rest of your life, you know this stuff. But knowing and doing can miles apart.

So if you’re serious about a plan, now I’m very keen to see your plan and I’d like you to write it down, send it to me. Send it to Support@onelife.com.au. Send me your plan, and it’s not like I’m boasting, I’m always curious about peoples plans. I like to see their plan. I have a plan and I have different plans for different people, different strategies for different people depending on whether they’re hares, or owls, or tortoises, or squirrels. The hots, the hares, the owls, the tortoises, the squirrels, every plan is different, different people. Whether you’re a shark or a dolphin, or whale, or an urchin. Whether you’re a high influence or a low influence. A high D, high dominant person.

Whether you’re the person whose the perfectionist, whether you’re the person who is a people person. Whether you’re a kind of a back room, I like to do the research person, so you would do the, the feasibility.

Everyone’s got a role, it’s just
knowing your place…

On the bus, knowing your seat, what you need to do, what’s your plan? What’s your strategy to not be a pensioner? That’s the bottom line. What is your strategy?

Working hard or working two jobs, probably won’t pull it off. How much is in your Super fund? And is it enough to look after you? Most peoples Super fund will run out in three, four years if they’re lucky. Some people don’t even have a house yet, and those that do have got a mortgage. And those who’ve got a house, they’ve got to look after the house, the house depreciates. So this is not easy, I’m not saying it is. If you’re serious we’re are. So let’s get together, see what we can do about a strategy, a plan, an implementation to create a wealth account, strategic spend, seven year plan.

What I’ll assure you is that I’m not going to sell you a home unit off the plan, or an insurance policy, I don’t sell these commission financial products. And this is not financial advise. What I show people is how to go from where they are to where they want to go. To know where they are firstly, where they wish to go and really my job is to help you get there. My whole team is about the supporting this journey. So if you’re up for this we are, if you’re serious we are. So let’s get together and see what we can do.

So click the banner below and see if one of our freedom consultant can come together with you and see what we can do. Look forward to catching up, look forward to having a chat. Look forward to helping you on the journey.

Till next time, thank you.