What is mindset?

Written by Roy McDonald
What is mindset?

Hey, I want to talk to you about mindset and what is mindset. I want to talk to you about “do you know”, and “is it important”, and “what’s going to happen” with the rest of your life? Mindset’s been talked about so much, but do people really know what it is? It’s like assumptions, it’s about a person’s worldview, probably your philosophy. That’s the intellectual idea of what mindset is, but I want to talk about it a little deeper than that and what it really does to affect you, affect your life, your money, your time, your relationships, your health, everything about that.

So, hi. I’m Roy McDonald, we’re at OneLife here, and if you’re keen about this information then I think you can get some value. There’s a step by step process here. Firstly, let’s get real clear about the outcome we’re looking at, and the outcome is about fulfillment. It’s about happiness. Some people have mindset issues called limiting beliefs, and although they’re not necessarily conscious to this, it is actually a big impact on their life. And some people say, “Oh, he’s negative,” or, “She’s negative,” or, “She’s kind of disconnected.”

And this process is very simple. I’m going to give you some very, very simple things if you really want to get this shift in your life. I’m going to suggest that mindset’s going to become part of this whole, if you like, decision you make. Now I’ll give you a little example. One of the things that I find in my business here, because we do property and business at OneLife. We do tax and trading and, building wealth. We find that a mindset issue that people have a lot is that they kind of work on loss rather than profit.

They’re always kind of thinking about, “What’s it going to cost me?” or, you know, “What if I lose?” And of course, that focus attracts more of loss, and instead of looking at how you lose, how about looking at how you can make some money? Now I’m not suggesting for a minute that you shouldn’t consider the downside, and you should never risk money in such a point that it’s going to stop everything. But it’s interesting, people can’t even get started for fear of loss, and this is a big mindset issue.

So, the big question I guess, you’ve got to ask yourself is What Is This Costing You? What’s it cost you not to do something? And I’m sure you have plenty of examples where you thought you were going to do something and you didn’t do it and, someone else did. And of course there’s other people on the other extreme that they jump into things without considering all the facts. So, all of this is a mindset, but what I think is it’s the mentor that’s going to make the difference for you here.


And being mentored is hugely important, and particularly understanding who you are within the categories of your disc profile, or what we call the marine animals, the shark, the whale, the dolphin and the urchin. To know all these things is like really important about who you are… as far as your identity is concerned. And that’s really being conscious to your identity. And Right in there is this limiting belief. Right in there is the mindset of being present.

Most people thinking about the past, and they’re not thinking about the future, but they’re very rarely present. So, if you kind of just think about this, and carefully, and say, “Well, how do I know where I am on that?” just check your results out, that’ll give you a big clue. What are your results as far as your mindset’s concerned? Because you have thoughts, positive, negative thoughts, they go down to some kind of feeling that you get.

If you’ve usually got a positive thought, you’re going to get a positive feeling. If you’ve got a negative thought, you probably find you get a negative feeling…

And they kind of run! And then when you’ve got a negative thought, negative feeling, you usually take a negative action.

And guess what you get? A negative result. Surprise, surprise. Positive thought, positive feeling, positive action, positive result. At OneLife, we’re always about how do we get you to have the best relationship you can, the best health and wellbeing, the best financial outcome for you? And those things are all related. As you get one, you’ll get another. So in your mindset, this is going to become a kind of a ritual, if you will, of observation, of conscious to see where you are in this area.

And my experience tells me, and I see so many people, that that mindset is such a big deal and they’re not always willing to be conscious to their results that they’re getting. But the results don’t lie. You know, we’re in a third dimensional world. You’ll see your physical self as your body. You’ll see your physical money as your bank account or your assets. You’ll see your physical self in relationship with others and whether those relationships are with you. Where are your friends? Where’s your family? Where are the ones you love?

So, that’s the feedback that the universe is giving you, and that’s the mindset that you currently have. That’s the identity you currently are running with, and I can tell you there’s a lot more behind all this as about your values and about your rules, of course, and, the state you’re in. So, I’m going to talk a little bit about state another time. I just wanted to touch base with you on mindset. We’ve got some free gifts if you want to get onboard. Check it out and see, you know who we are and how do we add value to your life or how we can.

So, I invite not only our clients who are existing, but I also invite people who may be listening this for the first time, or maybe you could pass this on to someone you love and particularly those who’ve got perhaps a mindset that, you know, they could enhance this. And it’s not like they’re wrong or right or anything. It’s just, there’s no right or wrong, there’s only outcome. So just check your outcome and check what are you going to do with the rest of your life? Take some action. Precise action is all wealth in everything. Lovely talking to you.