The Importance of Trust

Written by Roy McDonald

This week I want to speak to you about Trust.

There is one thing that is common to every person, relationship, team, family, company, nation, economy and community throughout the world.

It is one thing which, if lost has the ability to destroy the most powerful government, the most successful business, the most influential leadership, the closest relationships or the deepest love.

On the other hand this one thing, if developed and leveraged appropriately has the potential to create unmatched success and abundance. That one thing is trust. Trust is currency.
A Message from Roy about Trust

Stephen Covey wrote an incredible book called the Speed of Trust and in it he discusses the 4 cores of TRUST.

Core 1 – Integrity: A great metaphor for integrity is a TREE. Where integrity is the root. Even though it’s under the soil and not even visible most of the time, it is critical to the nourishment, strength, stability and growth of the entire tree. Many times we see capable people, with powerful intentions and even the results to back them up, come undone because of a lack of integrity.

So if integrity and honesty is so important in trust, how do we go about increasing our integrity?

1. Make and keep commitments to yourself and others

2. Stand for something

3. Be open

Core 2 – Intention: Intent or intention is defined as a “plan” or “purpose.” However your intention is made up of 3 critical areas.

1. Motive. Motive is your reason for doing something, your WHY. Motive inspires the greatest trust when it shows that you have a genuine interest in supporting others

2. Agenda. Agenda grows from your motive. It’s what you intend to do or achieve because of your motive

3. Behaviour.  Your behaviour is the manifestation of your motive and agenda. The behaviour that best creates credibility and inspires trust is acting in the highest interests of everyone involved. Or making WIN/WIN decisions.

Core 3 – Capability. These are your talents, attitude, skills, knowledge, character and style. When people are making a decision on what product or service to use, as well as feeling like they trust the character of the person they are buying from, they will want to know that the person is capable of delivering the results. You can have strong integrity, and great intentions, but it won’t matter if you are unable to complete the task or deliver the desired outcome.

To build your capabilities

1. Run with your strengths and always put your best foot forward

2. Keep your knowledge and skills up to date – continually learn and grow

3. If you want to develop your skills in a certain area – get a mentor, someone who has proven capabilities and results in that area

Core 4 – Results. If Integrity is the root of the tree then results are the tangible and measurable fruits that grow on the tree. They are the result of the stability and integrity of the roots, the strong and powerful intention of the trunk, and the multiple capabilities of the branches.

To improve your results, you must be constantly self assessing and re-evaluating your goals, and just like capabilities, if you want to improve your results then engage the mentorship of someone with the proven results that you would like to cultivate for yourself.