Written by Roy McDonald

Hi, Roy here, I want to talk about survival against creation.

You know, I’m in the business of money and like a lot of people, we are surrounded by it.

There’s a story about the sailor, he’s surrounded by an ocean of water but not a drop to drink, because it’s all salt.

Bankers work in banks and don’t have enough money themselves.

Survive or Flourish

We’re surrounded in this country with abundance. And yet we see people struggling in survival.

And I think everyone’s been there at one stage or other.

So, how are you surviving?

And I guess, probably more importantly, what’s your strategy for flourishing?

How do you flourish?

Survive or Flourish

How do you create a flourish?

You know, the universe only gives us what we basically feel we’re worthy to receive.

Now that’s a law.

And it’s a very inbuilt unconsciousness about unworthiness.

And if you aren’t worthy to receive, then this is not going to happen for you,

it’s not going to show up.

And you might not even be aware of it, but I can tell you.

If you look at your results it will tell you how unconscious, you are about unworthiness.

Because you see a person who’s worthy, a lot’s coming in, they’re building stuff and it seems to be effortless for them, and I’ve got to say to you, to a large extent it is.

As oppose to some people who are struggling, striving, working hard trying to survive.

They appear to work hard after me.

And it’s very interesting too that a lot of the language they use is very negative, very unhappy.

You know, people who are very, let’s call it skeptical. I’ve never seen a happy skeptic ever. They’re just skeptical.


And really the word skepticism is really fearful.

And I’m not saying that you should believe everything,

in fact, I think having a discerning mind is very important.

I’m going to ask you the real question about your results and this is not a personal judgment because the universe will show up what’s going on for you.

The universe never lies.

And I am going to suggest, it identifies with you exactly what’s going on and produces the outcome.

I am very much felt in my experience working on manifestation financially for wealth and If you know my story, I grew up in a place where I didn’t have money and couldn’t still read.

I used to get disconnected.

As a young boy you are going through school not being able still to read didn’t help a lot. Couldn’t get a job. Very angry father, alcoholic. Used to beat my Mom up and us up. It was not a nice place to be in any way.

In telling you that story it’s not to get sympathy in any way but just saying that if I could build the wealth I have, then, on my background, anybody can.

And I know people who are extremely successful, from a professional point of view, from university graduate school, honors and all the rest, and in a terrible place financially.

So, there’s something else around this stuff about survival against creation.

And there is a key, there is nine magic keys.

magic key

I’d love to share them with you.

If you like, I’ll do a session on the nine magic keys.

You can get it by either ringing one of our coaches and make a time and settle down with us or you could come in and see us.

You can even get my book. I’m always showing you my book. If you read this book, it’s got 50,000 copies sold, 49,999 have got it before you.

It you’re the kind of person, read it again because sometimes when you read a book you think you know it and I’d ask a question…

Did you open your wealth account?

Did you do your strategic spending?

Have you done your seven-year plans?

And there’s a lot of stuff about, in survival people trying to survive and know stuff but don’t do what they know.

So perhaps there’s a bit of a clue there as well.

And again, I’m not criticizing, I’m just noticing there is some steps here to make this work.

And there’s a discipline that’s very, very important for people to be successful.

In the end of the day it’s all what you focus on.

If you’re focusing on what you don’t want, you going to get lots of it.

If you focus on what you do want, then there’s a real good chance you going to get what you want.

In fact, that’s the law. There’s just mirrors in their life.

So, really get into creation, that’s what I say.

Most, I want to say at 95%, obviously they’re focusing on what they don’t want, and they work really hard at it, and I now I’m being smart by saying this, it’s not to be funny but it is a serious problem.

robotic automation

We have thousands of people who going to be unemployed. We already have hundreds of thousands now. This world is going to get tougher and you need to raise your standards.

You need to get better with your talent, better specifically your skills in an area where you’re needed and it won’t be driving a bus, it won’t be doing anything mechanical, it won’t be anywhere near what things are currently there now.

The robots will take it over and it’s not to be fearful, it just will because they have been for years.

There are so many things automated now you don’t even know the robots because we don’t see them as robots.

When your internet works, when the bank account transfers its money, that’s all robots if you like.


When you turn your car on, there’s a lot of technology which is robotic in the car. The temperature of the car, the fuel, everything is going on.

You don’t even have a Speedo anymore, it’s digital.

That’s robotic, the technology is… We should be embracing this technology. It’s going to make our lives better, simpler, faster.

However, there’s an emotional aspect that you need to take on in finding where do you sit in the bus, what is your job, what is your role, what are you going to do?

So, if this valuable to you click on the button, you know, down the bottom. Get one of our people to talk to you.

Let’s have a chat, let’s find out what we can do here. Let’s get serious about moving forward in our life.

So, namaste to you and let’s make this happen for the next three years.

Join us and have your life be abundant.

Look forward to talking to you.

Take care.