Stress is one of the Biggest Health Issues Today

Written by Roy McDonald

Hey, Roy here, i wanted to talk to you about a very special subject, and that’s stress. And if you look closely, stress is a code to fear.

Follow the stress, you’ll find the fear.

There’s a lot of fear out there, and it’s a very serious matter. Look at what’s going on the planet, gold has just hit the highest price in Australia ever. A little ounce of gold currently over $2,000 Australian dollars. It’s gone in the last five years almost 45%, back in from a figure under $1,400.

Now, I’m not here to promote gold, or have you buy gold. Or, give you any advice at all. I’m just really letting you know that these issues are important. What that says to me, is that there’s a lot of fear out there, because people are buying gold. It’s the investment of fear, gold is a very interesting thing. It produces no yield at all. It’s just something you put in a box, and hide away. Unlike, you know, property, rental that you own the asset and the rental comes in. Gold produces no rent.


It can only go one of two ways, either up or down. And therefore, it’s not a very good thing in my view to invest in, because there’s a whole problem of keeping it safe, and keeping it from someone stealing it, and unfortunately, it doesn’t produce any yield, and it’s not tax deductible as an investment, it’s got a lot of problems.

In fact, if you’re going to do it, if gold’s your thing, then you should probably be trading gold, and you’d get more leverage, if you believe the price of gold is going up, and you can also trade it down. Again, I’m not here to discuss that with you, I’m just wanting to really get a clue as to what’s going on. Why are people buying gold? They’re frightened!! That’s what’s going on.

And if have a look at the chart…this is the chart of gold, and you can check it out, but it’s just interesting to go through that, so check it out and you’ll see. You can get it on your email very easily.

Just to give you another bit of news, Apple. Apple is the second company in the world to go a trillion dollars, and everyone knows a trillion dollars is a lot of money. A trillion dollars is a thousand billion. A thousand billion. Bigger than any country. Most countries would have trouble getting to a trillion dollars especially pretty small countries. A thousand billion. And a billion is a thousand dollars a day for three thousand years, so it’s impressive. A thousand dollars every day for three thousand years, and this company’s worth a thousand of that. A thousand billion.


And, the chart on that dropped about three hundred billion, in, January this year. 2019. So, that’s a big drop. Three hundred plus billion. And it struggles itself up, and down again, in this graph. You can see that rollercoaster process here.

Now, the gentleman who was one of their designers left, and in one day, this company, because he announced his leaving, and opening up his own company, even though he’s working for Apple, 12.9 Australian billion dollars. 12.9 billion in a day drop. Now, this reactiveness is crazy. if you’re a trader, this is terrific, you can buy and sell and it’s a very interesting thing, a small group of people we have do that. Not recommended for ordinary people.

Stress is one of the Biggest Health Issues Today

What I really wanted to talk to you about is how are you dealing with stress? What are you doing with this code to fear? What stress do you experience and what’s your strategy?

Over the next few weeks, I want to talk about ways of dealing with this, and I want to talk about really a step-by-step processes here, that could really make such a difference, and I’m going to talk about wealth accounts, strategic spending, 7 year plan, a goals program, property, business, various things that you can do, which I know you know all about, and, knowing and doing can be miles apart.

We’ve got, always a new beginning, and, new beginnings are great, whether it’s a new year that starts, or a new financial year that starts. Or, a new month that starts.

There’s always a new beginning…

new beginnings

So, if you’d like some help in relation to your strategy, if you’d like some help with an abundant strategy, then click the “Register Now” Banner down the bottom. Just go to that box, it’ll take you on the journey. And, one of our abundance strategists will talk to you, if you want. Or, we’ll connect up somewhere.

So, lovely talking to you. I’m leaving with this thought. It’s really all about stress. What’s your intention around stress? Namaste to you. Thank you.