How Important Success Is

Written by Roy McDonald

I want to talk to you about success. I want to talk to you about how important success is and, ultimately, I’m going to give you the real plan about what success is, but I am going to talk about your potential. People who talk about that go, “Oh, really? Everyone has potential.” If you really understood your potential, we would be very excited right now.

It’s more important, though, in mindset to try to really get into that potential. If you’re not realizing all the things you want, then I am going to suggest there is some change in your life that you need to do. There is part of your ego that will not want to change, it will do everything in its power not to do that. So it will try and hold you hostage to a place that doesn’t really work. We have got this brain that we have had for about two million years or so. But its main thing is survival. It is not about, really growing.

There’s actually parts of this that will make you grow and hope you get that done. That part’s more your values and I want you to check in and maybe get a chance after this to write down, what are my values? In fact, take some notes on this, it’d be good.


What’s your beliefs around those values? Some people have some very interesting values. They think if they had a lot of money, they’d be happy. Well, money is a choice, money is a decision. Money gives us choices, but doesn’t necessarily make us happy. Mind you, if you don’t have it, it’s pretty difficult, However, I know a lot of people who’ve got money and not happy. I don’t know a lot of people with no money and are happy. However, can you have them both? Yes, I believe so, but this is really about success. True success is about how to have that real issue together and how to create your own future and how to build that future.

How do you do that? How do you get that? Well, I know you’ve heard this before, but it is about goals. It’s about a step-by-step process here. Some people have a huge issue on goals, how to set goals. I will give you a little clue, if you’re unsure and you’re one of those people that has trouble with setting goals, write a big list of what you don’t want.

Goals Puzzle Showing Aspiration Targets And Missions

Most people can write. Really write that down. Let me say to you that the reverse of what you don’t want is your goals. So I have people, I say, what do you want? They’ll say, I’ll tell you what I want, I don’t want to work this hard, and I don’t want to be getting this low money or whatever, you know. I go, okay, so you told me what you don’t want, what do you want? I am telling you what I want. Really what they’re telling me is they don’t want.

So, what they really want there is, I’d like a job that’s more fulfilling, I’d like to be passionate about what I’m doing, I’d like to be on purpose. Very different outcome, a very different story. I really as far as purpose is concerned, what I would say to you very clearly is that you’ve got to step in the river of purpose, because the river knows where it’s going, it’s going to the ocean of abundance. Interesting thing to say, even just to hear that.

Step into the river of purpose because the river knows where it’s going. It’s going to the ocean of abundance.

What does that mean? Well, purpose is flow. Flow is very simple. Get into flow. We live in a lot, in a world that’s basically just consciousness and energy. That’s all it is, consciousness and energy. That’s all you are.

So, working with that is very important, working with flow, working with purpose. Part of that is, getting started, where do you get started? People get even hesitant to start. If they’re not started, well, they don’t even know who they are. I guess that’s another issue.

So, there’s a bunch of stuff here about being healthy, wealthy and wise. There’s a bunch of stuff here about working on your roadblocks. There’s a bunch of stuff about not having a team. There’s a bunch of stuff in relation to time management.

There’s piles of things which you could say are all mindset issues, that the universe will give you this feedback very quickly. So if you’re really serious about this, if you’re conscious and you want to make that difference, OneLife’s a great place to be and we’re a great company to help you do that. So, we’ve got some free gifts, so if you want to just go online, just check them, click them, do that, and, maybe we’ll get someone to have a talk to you and see if we can get you on the next step or get you on a direction.

I have never met with a person who’s serious about wanting to get successful, who if they’re willing to focus and be willing to give up their limiting beliefs, that can’t be successful. Never met one, but you could be the first. Check it out. Anyway, lovely talking to you. Let’s make your life a masterpiece.