IMG_6168Roy McDonald is a Self Made Millionaire and Director of 49 different structures and interests in more than 24 companies. This includes an Accounting Firm, a Financial Planning Company, a Real Estate Business, a Development and Construction Company, a Training Organisation and other Businesses including Investment Companies, Trading Companies, a Travel Company, Farming and Cattle Breeding. He is an Educator, Author, Business Coach, Strategic Planner and Hands on Wealth Creator.

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HOW TO TURN $1 Dollar into $1 Million in 7 Years or Less

For the last 40 years, Roy McDonald has been searching out, creating and pioneering some of the Best Strategies for Creating Wealth and Success in Your Life. Packed full of Strategies, Tactics and Resources (downloadable from the accompanying website) this book will not only motivate you, it will help guide you to reach your financial goals.


Author Roy McDonald, Millionaire by 28, reveals some of the most powerful Wealth Building and Success Secrets in this book:

  • The Step-By-Step Approach to turning $1 into $1 Million
  • The Million Dollar session
  • Twelve False Wealth Assumptions
  • Debt Free in 5 years - Financially Independent in a further 7 years
  • Twelve Secrets Of Wealth
  • Take up your Option to Legitimately Reduce your Tax Liability



Here's a few Endorsements:

“We moved into our dream home in one month…”

“In our first year we increased our net worth from zero to almost $200,000…”

“I increased my pay by $20,000 within 5 months…”

“For the first time, I am not preoccupied with worrying about money…”

“In the first year, my taxation bill was reduced by over $20,000…”

“…in one day I turned $2,000 into $13,500 – a 602% return…”

“$39,000 profit after 7 weeks of Live Trading…”