August 2019 - One Life – One Life

Finding the Truth

Written by Roy McDonald

Hi, Roy here. I just wanna say hello, and just talk about trust. I also wanna talk about truth. You know, there's your truth, there's my truth and there is the truth. And, you know, there's also the facts. You know, it's interesting, [...]


Written by Roy McDonald

Hi, Roy here, I want to talk about survival against creation. You know, I'm in the business of money and like a lot of people, we are surrounded by it. There's a story about the sailor, he's surrounded by an ocean of water but not a drop to drink, because it's all salt. [...]

How to Build a Financial Fortress

Written by Roy McDonald

Roy: That is the key. That is surrender and that is a certainty and we yearn for that certainty and connection to know we have a financial fortress and I know you asked that question, "What is that?" Well, we put it into kind of mathematic formula, just like some numbers. A financial fortress is [...]

Why Only 5% of People make over $100k P.A

Written by Roy McDonald

Ian: So, another thing that I just wanted to cover off on and that is, I was looking through some research the other day and there was a stat that absolutely shocked me. That was that only 5% of people in New Zealand, and this was the New Zealand Herald saying this, only 5% of people make more than a $100,000. And that really surprised me guys. So, I'm wondering if you have any thoughts on that? Why would it be that it seems to be the cap? 95% of people are earning less that $100K. It's not such a big milestone to crack. So why do you think that happens? [...]